“Fiora Nishi”, echoes sentiments of feminine form, a delicate five petal sakura flower, the cultural amalgamation of east meets west. Nishi, is for distant west. The surrealist dream world where cultures meet, the Crafts of the forgotten are revived in techniques with Modern ideology.
There was a need to put forward this adornment in Accessories, simple native crafts or indigenous techniques used, enlivening the contemporary Fashion Accessories, statement pieces, that are cherished for life.
About us:
“Monique”, a designer and entrepreneur from Netherlands. She has years of experience in the fashion business and she has been successfully running fashion and accessory labels. She has innate sense of style and chic. Her vision of the eastern world, an eye for the indigenous crafts from around the world put together with a western outlook. A travel connoisseur loves to meet people and love spending time at the beach. She will take you to this beautiful journey through Fiora Nishi.
“Amar”, an artist and designer from India. He was always envolved in the Arts and Crafts, creating beautiful hand embroideries for Haute Couturiers from Paris. Started this fashion journey straight from his fashion design graduation, his company in India creates some of the most exceptional works from techniques and crafts of the East. He has an understanding and passion of the crafts and its implementation for the present times. An ardent lover of Art & Fashion, will show you the intricate beauty in the craftsmanship in making timeless pieces of Fiora Nishi.
Collection :
Fiora Nishi’s launch of the first collection of jewellery pieces inspired by the Dorset knots techniques, Asian Gold threadwork embroidery and Santorini Island, lavish colors for the stones. The Luxury Handmade earrings are meticulously hand crafted and are positioned for the upmarket style enthusiasts.